Project Management & Installation

After Progressive’s engineers review and consult to validate the design and usage for your organization, we will manage the full implementation and installation of your telecommunications solution. While our team installs network infrastructure from the ground-up, we can also optimize your organizations’ existing network to improve performance and communications.

Our Commitment During Project Management

Progressive Communications’ experienced project managers ensure the timely and professional installation and implementation of your network solution. Our approach to project management accelerates your telecommunications infrastructure installation project.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, meaning we abide by increased regulatory requirements during service and delivery.

Infographic showing people climbing servers in clouds

You can rely on Progressive Communications project managers to:

  • Facilitate streamlined communication with installation teams
  • Provide timely project progress updates
  • Adhere to installation and implementation timeline
  • Serve as quality control for all work performed
  • Provide ongoing guidance and advocate for your enterprise
  • Ensure a safe construction site and adhere to OSHA regulations

How We Assist with Installation

During our project management and installation process, Progressive’s team assists with:

  • Ordering high-quality materials
  • Logistics storage and distribution of materials to contractors
  • Certifications and application testing
  • Project closeout documentation

Call 1-800-982-8315 to Schedule a Project Management & Installation Consultation.